Sunday, April 26, 2009

A Good Day

I had a good day. I wrote the intro for Chpt. 4. We went food
shopping. Tone was a nut...a loveable nut...due to him I could not
remain in control...I had to let go and relax and we still
accomplished a great deal.

Trust him.

I am learning how to let him lead. We also worked in the yard. Tone
planted two rose bushes. I love the gardening, not because I like
digging in dirt or a hurting back, but because Tone and I do it
together and year-after-year we see the new bloomes and remember when
we planted a set. Like children growing.

The kids are ok. The little boy is pushing his boundaried and and we
are trying to let him be, but teach him that he has to listen and have
patience. The little girl is trying in other ways...she is great at
behaving, but struggling academically. I am not sure how to help her.

Let her be.

But she is faling behind even more.

Let her be. Love her unconditionally.

I do.

Do you?


But she is not living up to your expectations.

No, but if I push her she will.

If you push her she will fall.

What do I need to do?

Love her.


Accept that she does not get things as quickly as others. Acknowledge
what she does know and get. Be consistent with her. Show her the joy
in learning about things and how to do things.


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